White noise; oblivion,

None is of choice,

What is passion?

Forced rendezvous; wearisome.

Speak full of rue,

Heart is troublesome

Longing for you; salvation.

You bid adieu,



Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

When was the last time you looked up in the sky and appreciate the magnificent beauty of the stars? From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust, that’s what we’ve been told about the cycle of life. It’s my father’s 74th birthday today if he’s alive. I would love to believe that he’s still part of this universe that we’re in. Nothing gets destroyed, that’s the rule of matter, and what are humans other than complex string of atoms? I’ll look up in the sky once more and perhaps, he’s looking down on me, too.

Forgetting v.s. Getting By

My keyboard is dusty, I can’t find my notebook either; I guess I haven’t had enough time to sit down lately. I’ve been busy these past few weeks catching up with my pending Six Sigma Project, handling the new team that was assigned to me, working on other admin tasks, etc, to the point that I haven’t really noticed how time passed by.

Human brain works in an amazing way, and this statement is what my brain is telling me to say so, see, amazing indeed. These past few weeks, I thought I’ve forgotten her – routines were broken, communication was cut off, I’ve gotten by some days when I haven’t seen her at all – but I was wrong. I believe my mind is just playing tricks on me when one day I told myself that I’m just fine without her, that I’ve forgotten how I really felt when she’s around, that things will be as normal as it can be without her presence. My brain is such a scumbag to trigger some emotions that I never wished to feel. Longing, yearning, missing, whatever the term is, I still find it terrible to want someone so bad that you can’t seem to get by anymore without that person.

It’s hard to forget someone who made so much impact in your life. I don’t think it will fit my personality in saying this, but I really felt that time that God sent her to my life as a way of talking to me, walking me home and restoring my faith, as if the universe itself is conspiring for things to happen. Maybe I’m wrong, as I’ve always been.

“You wear your heart off your sleeves, wishing your worries will be relieved.”

From Time to Time

I miss her from time to time,
I keep myself busy in between.
I look for her face in the crowd,
And I don’t know what it means.

I think of her from time to time,
I guess it is what it is.
Either I walk away or walk with it,
But I know it’s something I can’t resist.

So I miss her from time to time,
Sometimes it’s more often than that.
I think of her from time to time,
Yes, I know it’s kind of sad.

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Enjoy The Simple Pleasures

I guess it can’t be helped, life can really break you at some point; however, no matter how stressful your day is, there are still some small things you can enjoy on a daily basis. Over time, here’s the list of random things I came up with.

1.  Waking up at night and realizing it’s your rest day.
2.  Going home and having a cold drink after dealing with exhausting city traffic.
3.  Having coffee at 4 a.m.
4.  Cutting your fingernails after having a long shower.
5.  Receiving a message from the person you adore.
6.  Having lunch with friends.
7.  Listening to your favourite song after some time.
8.  Raiding a ghost village in COC.
9.  Drinking cold beer after a long week of work.
10.  Realizing that you still have things to enjoy.

I can’t think of anything now, but I hope your list is longer than this.

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I think about her smile –
That childish look in her face.
Gets me excited every single time,
Enchats me in so many ways.

I think about her words –
Spoken with much wit.
Her voice is a melody to me,
One I’m never getting tired with.

Her thoughts are all I have,
But I believe that enough,
To get by each troubled day,
When I can only act so tough.

The light at the end of the tunnel,
I guess that’s the expression that they use,
Like a rose by any other name,
But still remain as the fairest muse.

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It’s not about her childish smile
Nor the sweet sound of her laughter
It’s not about her shining black hair
Nor the scent it leaves thereafter

It’s not about the wisdom of her words
Nor the way it makes me wonder
But when she speaks, I sure listen
Her thoughts are what I resist not to ponder

I guess I’ll never understand this
But I don’t think I care to do so
My heart skips a beat when she’s near
That’s enough for me to know

She’s the melody that my words hum
The rhyme at the end of my lines
The night has been so long
Finally, the sun appears to shine

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